Victory showed the novelties of 2016


Photos and technical information about the novelties of Victory of 2016 got to the network. The firm has not presented the new models, and limited itself with upgrading existing motorcycles. According to the MCN, all modernizations were reduced to minor changes of appearance and expanding palette of body colors.

All vehicles are equipped with a 1731 cc engine producing 139 Nm of torque achieved at 2800 rpm and 127 Nm at 2500 rpm. But representatives of the brand have not provided data on the impact of the motor in horsepower. 6-speed gearbox “works” in tandem with the unit.


This big cruiser has received the modernized lamp, repainted frame and wheels in a new design. However, you cannot place a passenger on this 297-pound handsome – standard package includes only one seat. In total potential buyers will be available two versions released in a glossy black or red.


Singleseater Gunner in the basic version is equipped with the ABS system. In the dealerships motorcycle will be available in gray or green variants.


According to the manufacturer, Judge became the best-selling model in Europe, Africa and the Middle East last year. The only update that the bike will get is the presence of ABS and a new red-and-black color.

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This double bike will also get anti-lock braking system and several new color schemes.


The novelty got minor cosmetic touches. In particular, front cowl and windshield changed. It is reported that due to improvements, the pilot will not be annoyed with headwind, at whatever speed he was racing. In addition, seat heating and quick passenger backrest, combined with a large wardrobe trunk will be responsible for the comfort.


The most important changes that have occurred with this singleseater motorcycle for the year are the emergence of rubber with white sides and the ABS system.

Cross Country

One of the most luxurious motorcycles in the line of producer has also got new colors. Even standard package of the bike has ABS, cruise control and other electronic assistance.

Cross Country Tour

This bike is located on the top of the Victory lineup. It is perfect for the city rides, and for longer trips. To do this, the bike has everything you need in the “arsenal”: heated seats, quick saddlebags, passenger backrest and a wide range of driver assistance.

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