Tesla Model X 2016 – electrodrive with the new Tesla


With a huge demand of the modern world for crossovers such a well-known company as Tesla Motors could not but released its own version of an electric vehicle Tesla Model X 2016.

Brand boldly states that the car is truly unique! Let’s see where this very uniqueness manifests.

The first thing that catches your eye is a huge windshield, called Big Sky, present even in the simplest package. Stylish liftgates give the understanding what a man is the owner of such a vehicle. The far and near lights are LED, the tail lamps are modern LED lamps.

All the beauty and elegance of the design of the new Tesla X now can be estimated given official photographs provided by the brand.

You can choose from a configuration for 6 or 7 seats, which are arranged in three rows.

If the cabin is for seven people – there are two seats in the front row by default, in the second – three, and two – in the third.

Six-seater configuration is the most spacious – it has a pair of comfortable chairs in each row. Most roomy are seats of the first and second rows, children are better to be seated on the last one – there is not very much space for feet.


Doorways are also very wide – the problems with the placement on seats of both second, and third rows is absent – you can easily reach any place.

The car is available in two variations:

— Modеl X 90D – two electric motors, each of with has a capacity of 259 horsepower.

This version accelerates up to 96 km/h in just 4.8 seconds.

The highest possible speed is 248 kilometers per hour.

Chassis stock is 411 kilometers.

— Model X P90D – motor on the front axle has 259 horsepower, at the rear – 503 horsepower.

It accelerates up to 96 kilometers per hour in 3.8 seconds.

The maximum speed of the car is the same 248 kilometers per hour.

The stock suspension in this case шы a little less – 400 kilometers.

The drag coefficient of the body to the air flow is low, plus – active spoiler.

Dynamics of acceleration and top speed – as befits a super-punishment.

Moreover, one of the main features of the car is the opportunity to drive about four hundred kilometers using just one charge.

Drive of the car is, of course, 4×4.

Two electric motors are originally installed in the car, three-phase, asynchronous.

Charge of the car is brought by a lithium-ion battery of 90 kWh.

Automatic single-stage gearbox.

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