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The KIA Rio is a product of the South Korean based auto manufacturer KIA.

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The Rio first came into the market in August 2000 and has been in the market since then. The Rio, which is now in its third-generation, has evolved over the years. KIA has produced the Rio as a three-door hatchback, a five-door hatchback, and even a four-door sedan. An inline-four engine, available in both the gasoline and diesel option, powers the Rio. The vehicle is a front-wheel drive as well.
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The KIA Rio is seen as a replacement of the KIA Pride. The third-generation Rio is well advanced technologically compared to its predecessors. It is also available with several engine options. 1.25l or 1.4l petrol engines are among the engine options available. A 1.1L CRDi Turbo Diesel Engine is also an option on offer. This particular engine has the lowest emissions yet the highest MPG recorded for any non-electric as well as hybrid car available.


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