Kawasaki ksr

The Kawasaki KSR is one of the most common types of mini bikes in Asia.

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It was first launched in early 2012 in Thailand by the Southeast Asia Company which is located in Kawasaki. Since its launch, this bike has been the most preferred mode of transportation to many people in Asia thanks to its flexibility and low fuel consumption. Since its release, this bike has spread its wings to the Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia indicating its reliability and common use.
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It operates on a 4 speed semi automatic transmission hence making it the ideal bike to majority of learners. It also runs on an 110cc air cooled engine with a 4 stroke single. This allows the bike to save fuel as well as maintain a perfectly functioning engine for longer periods.

In the year 2013, the Kawasaki Company upgraded it. The most common new feature was the electric starter. The company also launched the all new KSR Pro in 2014 which has a manual gearbox as well as a standard clutch.


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