In the spring of 2016 the world will see updated Honda VFR1200X


Honda VFR1200X has been on sale since 2012, this model has become popular throughout Europe. But the manufacturer has decided not to dwell only on the European market, so headed to the US. But in order to gain recognition in the US market, Japanese companies have to compete with similar models from other manufacturers. Therefore, the company’s engineers decided to slightly upgrade the already popular model.


Honda VFR motorcycle family began producing back in 1986, during the existence of the model eight generations appeared. This motorcycle was created primarily as a safe, traffic model. But later appeared racing modifications, and the model was fixed in a niche of sport tourism. Honda VFR1200X has quite good performance, engine with volume of 1.2 liters develops power of 123 horsepower. V-engine will be powered by two transmissions. The buyer can choose between a conventional six-speed and automatic one.

Soon we will see whether this model will be successful in the US market or not, will the Japanese giant be able to compete with already entrenched manufacturers.

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