Honda CTX1300


In the line of Honda CTX – neo-cruisers of the XXI century, corresponding to the three principles of the new motorcycle philosophy of the Japanese company: comfort, technology, experience – there are only two motorcycles yet. Today we will talk about Honda CTX1300.

CTX1300 immediately impresses and attracts the attention: large, long, low, wide – a hybrid of tourers Honda GoldWing and Pan European, but in the style of cruiser – beautiful, one cannot argue. Straight lines of fairings, “ears” of automotive mirrors projecting on the sides, as the “wings” at the submarine, sliders protecting the cylinder heads… Direct calm seating on the wide soft seat is favorable for contemplative ride for long distances. Associations with ships come to mind, not only due to waterfowl, but also space, plowing unknown expanse… This is suggested by the engine sound, more like a “voice” of starts spacecraft (or blender?), rather than fitting any self-respecting cruiser bass growl. Although write that CTX1300 is a classic cruiser, the hand does not rise.

CTX1300 design is completely new, except for the engine, but Honda has an unfortunate bobble here. The vehicle turns perfectly, is easily laid up to footrests positioned higher than that of standard members of the class, concrete hold of the line at speeds higher than permitted, but at 100+ km/h colliding air flows easily bypass the protection of undignified docked visor and hit in the chest, or head of the driver, and the noise generated at the same time is so strong that it is impossible neither to speak using the headset nor to listen to music from standard audio system or through the same headset, and after ten minutes in this mode, the head stops to think. The second drawback – tight plug and rigidly bolted to traverse wide wheel: on the bumps, cracks and seams, solid handles are so driven into the hands and try to escape from capture, even through thick gloves it significantly hurts!


And what about the engine? Here something is wrong, too. They took a V-shaped “four” from the iconic Pan European and spoiled it for the sake of fuel economy: derated from 117 to 84 hp and reduce the momentum from 117 to 107 Nm. In the end, no bottom, no top, plus they set up forced cut-off liked by modern Honda at 6000 rpm, which very sharply upsets the bike, which is very unsafe when you try to overtake, for example.

But there is diode optics – designers succeeded with taillight particularly! Stereo audio system with two speakers and controls on the steering wheel is able to play from a USB-drive. Bluetooth is compatible with iPod, MP3-players and smartphones.

Automotive instrument layout: arrow speedometer and tachometer and central LCD trip computer showing data of odometer, fuel consumption, temperature and clock. But there is no indicator displaying numbers of the gear, which is normal for Honda, but not normal for a modern motorcycle. There are double side saddlebags, however, it is difficult and inconvenient to open them. Handles – with as much as 5-position heating. And self-stop turn signals – that’s really meaningless, uncomfortable and annoying system, why do all the manufacturers so actively begin to love it?! Perhaps there are no claims only to effective lighting technology, branded traction control and adequate combined brakes.

CTX1300 is a design, which has overcome engineering with functionality. Another experiment of Honda, which has gone from the classic notions of motorcycle classes, inventing new (NC series), twisting inside the familiar (Valkyrie, CTX), which tends to the future, to the new, young, not burdened by stereotypes and excess baggage of experience motorcyclists of the XXI century (Vultus)… The main is not to lose the old fans, lovers of large iron cruiser (Shadow, VTX, Valkyrie) and ideal “tourers” (VFR, Gold Wing), which, in contrast to the young people, can afford a motorcycle for several thousands, and who have been confused by Honda over the last few years…


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