Harley-Davidson Softail Slim S

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This bike is able to turn the image of the products of the famous American manufacturer in even the most avid fan of Harley-Davidson. We will say more: Harley-Davidson Softail Slim S is the only Harley, to which there is no serious claims, and positive emotions during the trip just overwhelm you.

The story of Harley-Davidson Softail Slim S needs to be started with the main thing. And the main thing here is the engine. The new Slim became the first production motorcycle of the company, which is already equipped with the Screamin’ Eagle 110 engine at the factory. This engine though is an improved version of the familiar and fervently loved Twin Cam 103, but differs from it so radically that it is quite appropriate to consider it an absolutely independent creation of the hands of Harley motorists.

“Screaming eagle” can boast working volume increased to 1800 “cubes”, other pistons and connecting rods, as well as the changed settings of the fuel injection system. The complex of changes introduced into the engine proved to be so effective that it allowed raising the power from the base 87 to 95 hp. The torque has changed markedly – it has grown from 126 Nm to 145 Nm.

Until recently, the Screamin’ Eagle 110 was only available to a select few, because it was installed exclusively in the motorcycle frames of the top and fabulously expensive CVO series. And suddenly in 2016 Harley-Davidson dumbfounded the interested audience by offering a much more massive and budgetary Softail Slim S with a “screaming eagle” as a power unit.

Going beyond the gate of the court studio Custom Vehicle Operations and the appearance of the 110th on Softail Slim S can be called a small revolution without exaggeration, because Screamin’ Eagle, in the background of a cotton Twin Cam, can really surprise you. The lion’s share of torque is available already at 2000 rpm, which means that in traffic lights you will not have equals (almost). The dynamic acceleration accompanied by the rumbling of the Shotgun black silencers leaves no chance for the neighbors to flow. With such an engine one should be on the alert. In conditions of wet asphalt or unlimited driver insolence, Slim begins to tear off the rear wheel in slip, increasing the level of adrenaline in the blood and adding spectacular acceleration. However, thanks to the long base and moderately rigid frame, the motorcycle tends to adhere to a straight line, and improvised street drag racing is relatively controlled and safe. Of course, the engine’s capabilities are not unlimited, and after about 100 km/h the dynamics of acceleration of the 320-kilogram bike is slightly reduced.

The appearance of Softail Slim S is impeccable by its conciseness and completeness of the image. Modest colors in the military style, the lack of chrome and a single seat – a dream of aesthetic ascetics and real men. The big and brutal Harley with all its kind challenges you, trying to immediately dot all the “i-s” in matters of domination. But the severity is only put-on, and it can be controlled by a rider of almost any complexion.

A low seat allows comfortably sitting behind the wheel even to people of low stature. Only a wide swing of the wheel will make the owners of not too long limbs unnecessarily stretch to the controls. In the rest, the landing behind the wheel of Softail Slim S has a comfortable long ride. Low center of gravity and predictable behavior in the turn give exclusively positive emotions from the driving of this large American motorcycle.

A small spoonful of tar in the sweet barrel of honey of Harley-Davidson’s excellent maneuverability will be low-lying platform steps, clinging to the asphalt long before the ultimate tire capabilities. Also, the future owner should pay attention to the rear suspension, outwardly mimicking hardtail. Despite the presence of a disguised shock absorber, the suspension turned out to be quite short-haul and even tough at times. And if on a flat road it does not bother, on pits and bumps you want more softness from a motorcycle called Softail. Especially we want comfort for the bottom on long trips, for which the motorcycle fits perfectly. What for Softail Slim S is equipped with cruise control already at the Harley-Davidson factory then?

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