BMW F 800 R


By this year, the Bavarians have seriously upgraded the line of motorcycles, presented several new models. The changes were made in one of the most simple and inexpensive motorcycles of the brand – roadster BMW F 800 R.

Once a small urban naked BMW F 800 R has become form me one of the first motorcycles of this class, on which I traveled for a long time: before there were only choppers and other heavy motorcycles. Therefore, with a light compact roadster, which is necessary to twist in the ring, I did not find a common language immediately.

Since then, it took a decent time – and now I have to test the updated 2015 model. The changes were, we can say, purely cosmetic. Motor – as in the past, is two-cylinder, liquid-cooled, with 798 cm3 cylinder capacity. The capacity was added – 90 hp at 8000 min-1 against the previous 87 hp at the same speed and torque value remains as it was: 86 Nm.

BMW engineers slightly shortened the gear ratio of the first and second gears to give the bike a more rapid acceleration, but this moment the newcomers who buy the F 800 R as the first bike or even the first “big” bike will be unlikely to catch. As microchanges in handling resulting from installing an inverted telescopic front fork instead of the usual one.


But a new light immediately catches the eye! Even people a little familiar with mototekhnikoy are accustomed to the characteristic «Wink» of BMW: asymmetrical front optics like it is not everything, but it definitely stands out as the F 800 R from the stream. Now, however, identify it from a distance will not work: similarly shaped headlights are on many nakeds. Not that it is a critical flaw, but a little disappointing: this was all angular, awkward, hairy as a teenager, and now smoothed, became like all…

Also slightly re-designed was front fairing and radiator covers. The seats were lowered by a centimeter, that, in principle, for the low riders can be a decisive factor when choosing vehicle. In itself the driver’s seat has become a little more comfortable, softer, unless, of course, the memory of the long-standing feelings me down.

Interestingly, the usual for this class of vehicles, the additional options are limited to the ABS. BMW is following its strategy of Safety 360°, it equips all its motorcycles with ABS in “stock”. And in addition it offers an impressive list of “special stages”, which in addition to decorative accessories (handles, footrests, levers, pads, coffers, Akrapovis muffler and other tuning) – Automatic Stability Control, electronic chassis adjustment (tightening/dissolution damper button on the steering wheel) and the ability to reduce capacity to 48 hp. Sometimes, this is required, too.

If we compare the experience of driving the new and the old F 800 R, then updated one remained as was: the same fan of high-speed, twitchy and nervous. It will perfectly serve to those who are close to a similar type, as the first major vehicle, and as a replacement for the ancient Japanese “semi-sport”.


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