Yamaha T-Max

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“Masters of torque”, “prince of speed”, “top scooter”… Yamaha does not hesitate to call their motorcycles and scooters with big names. Because they justify them. So the new Maxi scooter Yamaha T-Max not only preserved, but also improved the maneuverability and dynamics inherent in the previous models and became even more comfortable, beautiful and technological.

The updated T-Max (XP530DA) 2017 received the Yamaha Chip Control Throttle electronic throttle control system, a light aluminum alloy frame, the lever mechanism of mono-suspension of rear suspension, a new pendulum, fairings with new proportions and design. Thanks to new production technologies and materials, it became about 10 kg lighter than the previous model, which further improved its performance.

Maxi-scooter is equipped with keyless access key system, thanks to which the driver can control the ignition, engine start, locks of storage compartments, steering column and fuel tank cover.

The new rear suspension uses the Monocross lever system – a system of levers between the pendulum and shock absorber, which changes the ratio of the amount of movement of the wheel and the shock absorber rod when the suspension works. The value of the progression of the lever system is specially selected to provide soft damping with a small load of the scooter and high energy intensity in the loaded condition. The new pendulum of the rear suspension is 40 mm longer than the previous one. The angle of its installation has also changed in accordance with the changed engine performance to give the driver a clear feedback and the ability to control the rear wheel. The damper is similar to the rear shock absorber, mounted on the motorcycle MT-09. In the T-Max DX, it is also possible to adjust the damper by the damping force of the compression and release.

T-Max 2017 has a new lightweight cast frame and a pendulum of a rear suspension, made of aluminum alloy, thanks to which it became even more like a motorcycle for planting, handling, maneuverability and stability in bends.

The T-Max 2017 features a new multi-function instrument panel consisting of three parts: an analog speedometer and a tachometer and a 3.5-inch monochrome TFT display in between.

The new luggage compartment has become more spacious: you can put two scooter helmets into it.

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