Yamaha MT-10

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The brutal naked Yamaha MT-10 is the flagship of the Masters of Torque line. It is created for those, who masterfully know how to catch the moment, both torque and vital.

The motorcycle, which was premiered a year ago, was built, as it should be, on the basis of the latest generation YZF-R1 sportbike. From the famous “R” MT-10 received chassis, suspension, a significant part of the electronic “stuffing” and 4-cylinder in-line engine with a volume of 998 cm3.

The peculiarity of this motor is the crossplane, which makes the working cycles uneven, which allowed increasing the torque: in the MT-10 it is already 111 Nm available at 9000 min-1. And 160 hp.

To enable the driver to fully utilize the engine’s potential, the location and shape of the fuel tank, as well as the relative position of the seat, the footsteps and handles of the rudder, were carefully calculated by Japanese engineers based on the experiences of the test motorcycle testers. As a result, landing on the MT-10 is almost straight, comfortable for riders of various heights.

The front and rear fully adjustable KYB suspensions are specially tuned for this naked. Taking the suspension from the YZF-R1 as the basis, the engineers optimized its characteristics so that they provide both dynamics and comfort on the public roads. This suspension, coupled with a short (only 1400 mm) base, makes the MT-10 highly maneuverable and easy to operate.

A new, well-readable multifunction LCD dashboard displays data from a digital speedometer, tachometer in the form of a strip, fuel gauge, odometer, indicator of the included gear and other data.

Already in the basic configuration, the motorcycle is equipped with modern electronic systems: ABS, electronic “gas”, traction control, three modes of engine operation, cruise control, slipping clutch, preventing the rear wheel to lock during a sudden drop of “gas”, and this year was also added the quickschitter.

However, despite belonging to the class of “evil” city roadsters, the MT-10 has a certain flexibility and can be adjusted to various tasks: the design of a motorcycle initially provides the possibility to install, for example, a high windscreen, side and central trunks and other accessories that will make the naked comfortable for long trips. So that the owner would not miss a single bright moment of life.

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