Yamaha MT-09A


“Come over to our side!” “No, to ours – we have cookies!” – modern urban cafes, shops, and manufacturers of all kinds of machinery, employers vying tout the citizens… In the case of a roadster Yamaha MT-09, no extra buns are needed.

At the Cologne Intermot show in 2012 Yamaha introduced the new concept of motorcycle with the new three-cylinder engine. Booth looked strange: motor suspended on ropes, a pair of separate wheels, fork, steering wheel – image of a motorcycle, on which hangs incomprehensible structure with another engine at the top and another at the bottom – clearly someone was intensely creative. And a company representative told something vaguely… As a result, many of the visitors, including some foreign colleagues, had the impression that all this is just a flight of fancy, and implementation in a real motorcycle is still far. But it took only two years, and the first “combat unit” with a new row trio – naked MT-09 escaped to the operating expanse.

Although the streets of megacities, for which it is designed, can hardly be called the expanse, and driving the MT-09, it will be desperately missed. The new three-cylinder 850-cc engine is a thing! It is a happy medium between the V-shaped “twin” and row “quartet”: pick-up from the bottom like a V-twin, the dynamics at high speeds, as in linear four-cylinder units, and juicy mid – point level throughout the operating range! And almost complete absence of vibrations: only slight tremor appears closer to the red zone. Transmission matches the motor: clear shifts, three lower stages are a bit short, but when you turn on the fourth, you can driving all the way at it – it is enough to disperse, and at 40 km/h the engine begins to choke.


Ryder has three modes of engine operation: “A”, “B” and “standard”. In the “rain” mode “B” MT-09 gives power linearly, it is calm, smooth and predictable, without wasting power in vain. The “standard” has the flashing sparks of this nature, the bike gets a little antsy, nervous, this is difficult, but it still controlling himself Bruce Banner, who only in the “A” mode transformes into unbridled Hulk, not equipped with any modern electronic “collars” like traction control. Therefore, in normal times, it is wiser to move on a standard or even a quiet mode, where there is a lot of playfulness, but you also don’t have to constantly catch the bike running away from you. But as soon as the situation allows, you can accelerate, receiving an injection of adrenaline through the throttle directly into the blood!

Aluminum frame and aluminum asymmetric swingarm, compact size (tall drivers will feel a bit tightish on the MT-09) and adjustable upside-down telescopic fork make it easy to realize the full potential of the engine – assembled, rigid chassis gives the machine a truly sportbikish manageability, and if in some turn you will feel a lack of tenacity of the rear suspension, you probably have mixed letters, and you need not MT-09, but R1.

Yamaha MT-09 is definitely good and worth its money even after the increase of price of representatives of updated series Masters of torque, the new incarnation of the concept of Yamaha motorcycles. And they are already followed by other.


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