Yamaha MT-03

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The times when with a minimum of experience anyone, who thought about buying a motorcycle, went to a motorcycle dealership or to a private ads site at least for an evil sports “six-hundred”, or even a “liter”, are long gone. Today, the absolute majority of manufacturers try to lay straws under the unprepared body of novices softer and friendlier. And the newcomers themselves are now different…

A prime example of the machine for beginners is a simple but effective small-capped naked Yamaha MT-03. Everything that can be said about it by the language of figures, formulas and graphs, engineers carefully digested and honed to automatism about twenty years ago. With a detailed examination, MT is a mini-sport bike YZF-R3, only in the naked version for conquering the streets of the city full of traffic jams.

Driving Force is a 4-stroke in-line 2-cylinder engine with electronic fuel injection, liquid cooling system and 6-speed gearbox. Power characteristics are similar to the motor-donor: 42 hp And 29.6 Nm. The engine is placed in a steel diagonal frame of round tubes. Among the elements of the suspension, the eye can not be caught firmly: why can you surprise now with an unregulated telescope, modest calipers or a simple mono-amortization without traction of progression and other pleasant complications? But at least the fact that there is a modern anti-lock system is valuable.

As for the controllability and efficiency of braking, MT-03 is stable on conditionally censored city speeds. In the case of maneuvering in a stream up to 100-120 km/h, there is sufficient feedback, and a small reserve in case of emergency actions. If you go to ride in the entire gas, on the 5th and 6th gears, almost simultaneously brakes go out of the comfort zone, too, and the suspension – braking distance increases by many times. Wheels cease to hold tightly to the asphalt, now and then flying over a fraction of small irregularities. With considerable dynamic capabilities of the motorcycle (180 km/h on the speedometer and the first 100 km/h in about 7 seconds) try on the role of a fearless motorcycle racer nevertheless it is not worth it. The hero is prevented by the almost complete lack of aerodynamic comfort: it starts to blow off at 110 km/h. At the same time, the ergonomics of the motorcycle is carefully adjusted to the TTX of a modern sexually mature European: even “characters” with a height of two meters will find a landing on the MT-03 comfortable.

Appearance and some features of the equipment – that little that brings originality to MT-03, as well as a piece of elegance and modernity. From the tip of the pointed tail to the outline of the headlight, the motorcycle looks finished. False air intakes under the tank and the beak under the motor connect all the exterior parts into a single whole. Perhaps, Yamaha MT-03 is one of the best modern imitations of “adult” proportions in the format of a low-cub.

A nice impression is made also by the instrument panel. Filling is at a decent level. An analog tachometer, a set of warning lamps, a fuel gauge, a coolant temperature indicator, a speedometer, an odometer and a gearshift indicator distributed over two sections of the LCD screen are at the driver’s disposal.

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