Yamaha M-Slaz 2016 review, photos, features


Yamaha has presented to the public the new bike Yamaha M-Slaz at the 37th annual auto show in Bangkok. New Yamaha is a 150-cc motorcycle of MT series. This model is a more lightweight version of the Yamaha YZF-R15, created especially for developing countries. It is designed for Asian countries, so the direct deliveries to Europe and other continents are not expected. Nevertheless, this new product can be purchased directly in Japan and other Asian countries.

Four-stroke engine of the new model has a volume of 150 cubic centimeters, 1 cylinder and 17 horsepower at 8.5 thousand revolutions per minute. To accommodate the powertrain is the frame of deltabox type. Disc brakes, 37-mm inverted fork and modern LED lighting complement the look of the new Yamaha. Size of the wheelbase is 135 centimeters and the height of the saddle is about 80 centimeters.


The first country where there should be a new motorcycle will become Thailand in the first half of this year, Yamaha M-Slaz will spread to other Asian countries, where are especially popular 150-cc engines.

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