Two-stroke motorcycle Vins Powerlight 2016


The Italian company Vins Motors, as promised, visited the EICMA Motor Show 2015, to introduce a new motorcycle Vins Powerlight, which is equipped with 100 cc modern two-stroke with V2 configuration. The concept is very interesting and, most importantly, unusual.

The company is, unfortunately, very low-key in question of detailed characteristics of their motorcycle, but we get a few pictures of 3D-models and photos from the Motor Show. The Italians say they have developed a net according to modern standards V-shaped two-stroke engine, which is about 40 kg lighter than today’s four-stroke engines with the same performance. Besides the engine, motorcycle stands out due to carbon fiber monochassis, carbon fiber wheels, carboxylic Hossak fork and carbon fiber swingarm. Metal components are very few.


Interesting fact. Engine is littered forward at 90 degrees, while the traditional design of the majority of production motorcycles includes the vertical installation with the crankshaft at the bottom and the cylinder in the top. The unusual geometry of the installation of the engine allowed installing air box just behind the front wheel, where is usually installed radiator, which is installed in front of Vins Powerlight fuel tank. The air box gets the air through the air inlets in the nose of the motorcycle.

Prototype of Vins Powerlight comes with 100 cc engine, but in the future also plans to release 250 cc version.

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