Tuning Utilitarian ATV Kawasaki

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American workshop experts Turnkey UTV made angry once humble utilitarian ATV Kawasaki Teryx, having squeezed from the base 50-horsepower engine almost twice as much! And at the same time worked hard on the chassis of the machine, creating a worthy competitor of the most “vigorous” devices like Polaris, BRP and Arctic Cat!

American and Canadian side-by-side raised the bar in its class to an unattainable height for Asian competitors. Despite the fact that Japanese ATVs are thought out, reliable and easy to use, the performance of engines and driving characteristics are, of course, no match for the best samples from Polaris, BRP and Arctic Cat… The guys from the American studio Turnkey UTV proved that with a strong desire and no less financial investments even from the Japanese “scrap” can be built off-road missile capable to outdo any serial side-by-side! Here is a unique project based on the Kawasaki Teryx 2010!

One of the problems of the Japanese ATVs is limp and expressionless engine designed to perform utilitarian tasks and passing against using the side-by-side for fun. And Kawasaki Teryx, equipped with a 50-horsepower engine, too, unfortunately, is no exception. To solve the problem of insufficient capacity of the power plant unit Turnkey UTV went to the decisive actions… and set the turbo kit by MCX-USA!

After implantation, the maximum power of pressurization system of the engine of ATV Kawasaki has almost doubled – up to 96 hp! And this is a serious argument… With this turbo kit MCX-USA allows the rider to adjust the pressure in the system, whereby it is possible to choose the optimal mode of operation of the power plant and, ultimately not to force the motor in vain, taking care of its resources.

The Turnkey UTV came up with a very original way to cool the intercooler of the ATV, which is under load can be heated to high temperatures, due to which its efficiency decreases. To avoid this, the experts of the workshop equipped Teryx with nitrous oxide injection system, which is used as a coolant on this side-by-side, and not as a racing fuel!

The system is implemented simply and elegantly. On intercooler is placed thin aluminum tube with a plurality of holes in it. When the driver feels that the engine performance has decreased due to the overheating of the system, he simply clicks on the button – and out of the tube is supplied cold gas, which rapidly cools the intercooler.

After a significant increase in maximum engine power, it was needed to use strengthened clutch that Kawasaki Teryx project received from brand Dalton. The focus of this transmission is that by adding or removing weights it can be relatively easily and quickly adjusted.

The standard suspension of the Japanese side-by-side also could not cope with the drastically improved road performance of Teryx, and because the device has received long-stroke components from Dragon Fire Racing, which increased wheel travel with a paltry 7.5 inches to solid 14, and slightly increase the machine base. On top of that the ATV is equipped with reinforced arms and elongated semi-axes.

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