The new roadster BMW G310R


Single-cylinder light and dynamic – BMW G310R embodies the concept of the real roadster from BMW. It gives its owner exactly what he needed in any situation – whether dynamic or comfort, in town or in the surrounding area. G310R brings its best qualities into a new BMW, but a very important segment of the motorcycle market. A true roadster BMW – it feels great in different situations: it can easily maneuver in city streets and easy to travel on any country roads. With its incredibly low fuel consumption, as well as a relaxed and comfortable position of the driver, the bike provides hospitality at the wheel and the ability to cover long distances in a single day.

Designed from scratch, G310R is all that BMW Motorrad is famous for: innovation, quality and, of course, carefree relationships of motorcycle and its owner for many years. Designed to meet the requirements of international markets, BMW G310R can move even on uneven quality fuel, while meeting all necessary environmental standards and local requirements.


Incredibly expressive design of the new bike immediately reflects its agility and dynamic character, and shows the position of BMW G310R in its segment. It has easily recognizable kinship with such sporting family of BMW, as S1000R. The small front fairing with a bright lamp, the shape of the fuel tank emphasizing the dynamic style and the characteristic proportions of a roadster with an aggressive front and rear give the appearance of a sports BMW G310R maturity and completeness. Accurately modeled surface determines the dynamic profile of the motorcycle. Compact, athletic proportions and SWB promise excellent maneuverability, while the raised rear end gives ease predetermined by genes of sport motorcycle. Despite the obvious image of naked, side surfaces of BMW G310R, painted in primary colors, creating a vicious silhouette in athletic style. The front telescopic fork of inverted type, which is standard, high-quality materials, neat hoses and excellent attention to detail – all these upscale elements reflect the best of what is in this segment, emphasizing the premium status of BMW G310R.

The heart of the new BMW G310R is newly developed single-cylinder engine of 313 cc, liquid-cooled, two camshafts in four-valve cylinder head and electronic fuel injection. A striking design feature of the engine is its own free-standing in the cylinder tilted back, with the head turned 180 degrees, so that the intake tract manages to place in the front, in the direction of movement. When you return is 25 kW (34 hp) of maximum power at 9500 rev/min and maximum torque of 28 Nm at 7500 r/min, engine of the new G310R is a great complement to the low unladen weight of the motorcycle – 158.5 kilograms according to DIN standards.


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