Small Wonders: crazy bikes Grom from MAD Industries


Ask anyone who has ridden the bike Honda Grom, and they will tell you that this is a great pleasure, perhaps the best of the pleasure that can be obtained from the two-wheeled machines.

It weighs only 225 pounds (102 kilograms), so its single-cylinder engine with a displacement of 125 cubic centimeters has sufficient capacity – sufficient to achieve the stated speed of 70 miles per hour. And since the new Grom worth a little more than three thousand dollars, it can be modified without exceeding the budget.

In 2015, MAD Industries, a manufacturer of all that moves on wheels and on water, teamed up with ComposiMo, manufacturer of aftermarket accessories for Grom, and created two wildest Groms, which we have ever seen, for SEMA show.

This white ‘street-fighter’ looks like a Ducati Monster in miniature, which it may have exceed in performance.

Experts from FiBro Garage increased working volume of Grom engine to 204 cubic centimeters. The new interior of the valve include a large kit with forged pistons and connecting rods.


Upgraded choke with size of 34 mm and an injector with a high flow rate provide an unusually great fuel economy. Added also a new air filter and exhaust from Brocks Performance, and custom ECU to ensure smooth operation of complex electronics.

Motorcycle was dropped by a couple of inches and got elongated pendulum, which is suitable for dragbike.

More familiar names are Öhlins (shock absorber and steering damper) as well as Brembo and Galfer for brakes. The wheels are shod with Pirelli Diablos tire with diameter of 12 inches.

If for you all this is not enough, you have to like the second bike. It has only fuel tank reminding of the standard model.

At first glance it looks like a flattened sportsbike Lego. Its height was reduced by as much as six inches and now the saddle is located at a height of about 24 inches. (Standard Grom model is surprisingly high – it reaches a height of 29.7 inches.)

In addition to the usual modifications of MAD Industries and ComposiMo, the bike has fork and brake calipers Brembo by Makoa Scooters, and custom saddle and carbon lower engine cover.
We also liked the three rows of super bright LED lamps similar to the Rigid Industries SR2 Hyperspot. These lights can be operated in a mode of long-distance and low beam.

Judging by the number of companies now offering racing parts for Grom, it seems that Ruckus may lose its position of the king of the market of compact custom bikes.


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