Overview of motorcycle Honda VRX400 Roadster

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Honda VRX400 was produced exclusively for the Japanese market. This partly explains the fact that it was produced only with a cubic capacity of 400 cc and relatively small mass of the payload in the form of pilot and passenger. For the difference between the maximum weight of 315 kg and the weight of the motorcycle filled with liquid – 205 kg – is only 110 kg. Perhaps designers based on the average weight of “rider” of 55 kg.

Partly because of these considerations, the suspension is soft enough. However, this is characteristic for some other “400th” from Honda, especially HONDA CB400. This is not surprising, because, if you look for them, you can find many similarities, such as front fork, one to one like VRX400.

By the way, the unification of certain units of Japanese motorcycles of those years has led to the fact that there are no problems with the basic supplies. If we consider that Honda motorcycles safety, as they say, is legendary, it is mainly with the right service in the form of timely replacement of fluids, filters and seals, there’s a little problem with them. This applies fully to Honda VRX400.

V-Twin engine is one of the most reliable of all produced by the moto industry. It experienced many editions and is used in almost all possible types of motorcycles – tourers, classics, choppers, enduros. By the way, the closest relative of Honda VRX400 is Honda Steed400/600. They were produced almost at the same time. There’s a lot more information on Steed. So you can take advice on Steed repair and apply to VRX. Even circuitry is 90% compatible.

But back to Honda VRX400.

Whoever eyeing this bike, should determine for themself the goal of acquiring and being realistic about the desires and possibilities. This is almost the perfect bike for beginners. It is friendly, not breaking from the place as a young stallion. Gains speed gently. Seating is very convenient. Overview too. Saddle is of average height.

Classics is classics. It is not enduro – it is too soft for the pits and bumps with regular suspension. For comparison: the suspension of VRX is just a bit more than 10cm, Transalp’s is more than 17cm.

The maximum speed to which it is possible to disperse the VRX is 130-140 km/h. The optimum speed is in the range of 80-110 km/h. At the same time, the most economical is 80-90km/h mode. Is it little or a lot, everyone decides for themselves based on all of the same proportion of the desired and actual. As for us – these speeds are enough for driving pleasure. During driving, people often come and ask about the bike.

Public roads are not a ground for adrenaline generation. There are actions much more suitable for this. Bungee jumping, skydiving, white water rafting, kayaking, sailing, etc. At the same time you did decide to risk or not, getting the adrenaline or not. Without the threat of others, with no threat to their lives.

To drive at high speeds, you need experience. It is obtained in the movement, knowing what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. By analyzing, learning from your own and others’ mistakes.

Meaning of the word “experience” in the dictionaries as applied to a motorcycle:

– Laws of the objective world and social practice, resulting after active practical knowledge, reflected in the human consciousness.

– A set of practical lessons of knowledge, skills.

– Knowledge of life, based on experienced, tested things.

– Playback of any phenomenon in artificially created conditions in order to study it. – Check the knowledge gained by experience.

Ideal projectile to gain experience is Honda VRX400 Roadster.

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