New Toyota Camry 2017-2018 – Update of the Japanese sedan

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One of the most anticipated premiers of auto show in Detroit was the updated sedan Toyota Camry, which has received a luxurious modern appearance and a traditionally rich level of technical equipment, as well as a completely new interior design.

This generation has become the eighth for the model.

The car has received a noticeable change in appearance compared to the previous generation. Most of all draws attention to the front of the body – a redesigned bumper with huge air intakes and trapezoidal stylish boomerangs of daytime running lights.

Grille and the headlamps are of narrowed shape made in the style of the latest Lexus models.

The vehicle’s profile is characterized by narrow A-pillars, which have greatly improved visibility. Other distinctive features of the new generation Camry silhouette include enhanced exterior mirrors on short stands, the original relief of doors, increased ground clearance and extended wheel arches.

If we look at the back of the body, it seems that the model does not come from Japan, but rather from Europe. The car is equipped with large lamps and compact luggage cover.


The interior of the updated sedan also received significant changes. It features a completely redesigned instrument panel with bright blue backlit dial instruments. Due to the increased size of the instrument panel, it got on-board computer with a display diagonal of 7 inches.

The center console has an unusual curved shape and a very comfortable layout. Its main element was the 8-inch touchscreen of the head unit, as well as a comfortable climate control unit.

Seats for driver and front passenger have a comfortable anatomical shape and pronounced lateral support. According to the manufacturers, the space for second-row passengers was also increased.

The car has a rich level of equipment, among which there are modern security systems, such as:

  1. Function of pedestrians and obstacles detection on the road;
  2. Warning about the dangers of a frontal collision;
  3. The intelligent cruise control;
  4. Control system for movement of the bands;
  5. Monitoring of blind spots;
  6. Danger when reversing;
  7. Automatic control high-beam headlights;
  8. 10 airbags are already in the basic version.

In addition, the car is equipped with the latest multimedia device with high quality sound and a variety of additional functions.

This model is global and will be sold in no less than 100 countries. A new generation of cars will go on sale in mid-2017. The novelty will cost 25 thousand dollars for the basic package.

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