New bike Triumph Bonneville Bobber 2017


Triumph Company continues to amaze. Hinckley Factory introduced a new motorcycle Triumph Bonneville Bobber 2017, which refers to the range of modern classics. Logical, but very bold move for the British manufacturer, which used a standard basis for the creation of a completely new style of a bike for themselves. The British produce various cruisers, but nothing like this has not been made for many years.

Triumph’s engineers, of course, did not sacrifice the convenience, comfort, and handling for the sake of style, and even vice versa. While most striking bobber Harley-Davidson Forty-Eight has a 7.9-liter fuel tank and classic bobberish ergonomics, the model Triumph Bonneville Bobber is more practical.

Ergonomics is more common due to the mid-position of footrests, adjustable seat, and wide handlebars (Ape-Hangers are available as an option). Adjustable seat has a tangible effect on the seating. In the lowermost position, it provides the most relaxed cruiser seating. To adjust, it is enough to loosen two screws and move the aluminum pan forward. In the lowest position the height of the saddle is 690 mm. The dashboard is also adjustable, it is possible to set up, to be comfortable in any position of the saddle.


Tank capacity is not specified, but probably amounts to about 11.5 liters. The fuel consumption is also unknown. The battery is installed in the old school box mounted behind the engine. The bike is equipped with modern electronics: anti-lock braking system, traction control mode, the electronic throttle control.

Colors: Morello Red, Stunning Competition Green, Frozen Silver, Jet Black.

Engine: 1200 cc with high torque

Wheels / Tires: Avon Cobra AV71 / 72 on wheels 100/90 R19, 150/80 R1.


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