Motorcycle Ducati Multistrada 1200 Enduro have been updated?

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The last two generations of Ducati Multistrada 1200 Enduro as a companion for the long distance, seemed to be good: slender, quick, nimble, and moderately comfortable. With only “but”: along with all cross-country capability declared by the Ducati people, ​​their habitat, for the most part, always been limited by paved roads. A separate daredevils who dared to perform round the world trip, were just the exception that proves the rule even more: it is too soft for such trips, too asphalt… In general, the expeditionary option was necessary for Ducati as the air! Especially since almost all competitors (primarily the BMW and KTM), have already had one. And for long.

“Work on the Enduro version launched simultaneously with the “standard” one three years ago. And I find it easier to say that it has from the original source: the frame and the engine”, sais an engineer David Previtera, who like many of his colleagues hit the project team, going through the racing division Ducati Corse.

However, almost instantly he makes a correction: for the sake of a better match-road ideology in the 160-strong L-shaped “two” Testastretta with firm system of changes of DVT timing, first gear was “shortened” from 37:15 to 38:14, and in the driven star of the final drive was added three teeth. In addition to overcome water obstacles up to 478 mm deep without inadvertent engine flood, muffler was narrowed and raised higher.

However, this is nothing compared to the fact that they had to do with everything else. Because the transformation of Multistrada into the “cross-countrer” has forced designers to revise the 266 pieces! The fact that the fragile “casting” gave way to heavy, but stronger, spiked wheels, and they have adopted the conventional crossover medium dimension (3×4,5×19 and 17 inches), should not be mentioned. As well as the fact that the course of the adaptive suspension Ducati Skyhook Suspension (it is delivered by Sachs) received Evo prefix after upgrading, rose up to the 200 mm (+30 mm) relevant for destination, due to which clearance has grown up to 205 mm (+31 mm).

More important is that as a result of adaptation of chassis for offroad and for the purpose of more stability, the angle of the fork was “blunted” to 25º (+1º), and base was pulled up to 1594 mm (+65 mm). Moreover, almost all the increase of intra-wheel space fell to a new two-sided swingarm, displacing beautiful, but impractical console.

The feeling of a wide and raised by 50mm wheel of the crossover from Borgo Panigale is unusual. Mainly due to the fact that Ducati is finally appropriate and comfortable to ride in the front! Saddle in appearance look the same, but is fixed at a height of 870 mm from the ground and tapered, due to which now it doesn’t look like a man riding a barrel. Toothless and brittle aluminum brake levers and gearshift on the Enduro are replaced with steel. The brake pedal can be adjusted for standing or sitting position, and a removable rubber insert dismisses the need to spend money on special off-road “pegs”.

What is this all for? Understanding does not come at once, somewhere after a half an hour on the mountain trail rich of boulders of different size and three hundred fan slides.

Hugging 30-liter fuel tank with your knees, while driving a 254-pound crossover on the quicksand ground, though shod in Pirelli Scorpion Rally is a special feeling. “Multistrada-Enduro” has put on 19 kg, but even with a full tank, there is no excess weight in the reactions. Standing on the spot or shuffling feet on parking – yes: moved up the center of gravity makes itself felt. But on the go! Especially when coupled with all the thugs of the journalistic world, you try to “throw all the money”. Any change of direction, despite the impressive weight, proceeds exactly as it should be: fast, predictable, and accurate. A “sticky” long-travel suspension, adaptive algorithm which is subject to modes seems almost invincible on the route with stones and half-wheel holes- Ducati swallows them without a hint of breakdowns.

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