Minivan Toyota Sienna 2018 – model update

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The Japanese minivan Toyota Sienna appears in the new guise this year. An update was planned for the car, so manufacturer prepared for it in advance, without being tied to events. It happened so that the novelty was just in time for the April car show in New York, where it will showcase its new things.

But some details became known even before the official premiere. Let’s see what designers have edited in this year’s model.

The first thing that Japanese masters decided to change in the appearance of Toyota Sienna 2017-2018 is its appearance. Global changes did not happen, but you can’t help but notice the “facelift” on Sienna.

All lines have become more bold, somewhere there’s even a hint of sporting aggressiveness, especially in the SE package. In general, we can say that the car was seriously modernized. Why not, even if the minivan is a family car, but this fact does not mean that it should look boring, calm and sometimes sad.

Sitting behind the wheel of a car designed to transport a large family, perhaps, even with a dog, a man should not feel oppressed and constrained. Apparently designers were guided by such thinking, when updating Sienna.

Mainly, the front part was corrected, which is framed by a wide intake grille with interesting horizontal fog lights on the sides.

Headlights have also slightly changed the shape and became more stylish and elegant. Muscles were added a hood, it got spectacular athletic ribs.

For the new version, new color incarnations were also selected. With three new colors, the color range now has 9 variations.

The rest of the advantages remained unchanged in the minivan.

The first thing worth mentioning is that getting into the cabin of the renewed Toyota Sienna you feel the space. It is pleasantly surprises with the arrangement of seats, which gives a decent amount of space for the feet of all rows of seats. By the way there are 3 of them, the car can comfortably accommodate up to 8 people.

As for the driver’s place, everything is simple and conservative here, but at the same time it’s organic and convenient. The main console compactly accommodates all the functional buttons and displays, the shift lever is also located on the main console, next to the multi-functional steering wheel.

Updated multimedia system has a 10-inch touchscreen – a full-color screen with support for many functions. Among them are Internet access, support for synchronization with Apple and Android devices for playing music. It is installed within the limits of specific packages.

The cabin has five ports for USB connection and an entertainment system for passengers in the rear rows.

In the updated version of Toyota Sienna, designers decided to compact the front and side windows to increase noise insulation in the car.

The equipment of the minivan includes a system for monitoring the road. It recognizes pedestrians, monitors blind areas and warns of the possibility of a collision.

This model is presented with 5 fixed packages. It is known that the base has 16-inch wheels, which in the top version are changed to 19-inch. But in general, even the basic version has a fuller decent snap with such “gadgets” as the start with the button, keyless access to the cabin, cruise control with three zones.

The top version has more advanced options, improved audio system, leather interior and other stylish “bells and whistles”.

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