KIA Niro 2016 – the first representative of the Korean hybrid crossovers


Corporation Kia Motors, with an eye to the world’s automotive giants, has decided to create its first hybrid crossover KIA Niro 2016 and run it in production.

The engineering part of the work was developed in South Korea, and the design was developed in California.

Exterior of the new body is designed in a modern style, it contains common features of all Korean cars. Outwardly, the hybrid turned sports and fit. Body shows its hollow forms of the sides, together with compact overhangs and bulk wheel arches. Niro’s roof is of sloping type, blending smoothly into the small rare part.

Parent lighting is designed as a cone-shaped headlights, with LED parking lights. All this matches perfectly with a stylish grille trim, brutal at first glance, as well as the massive bumper with a set of PTF of huge size.

All this makes the car solid and robust, taking in the account sufficiently compact size.

The back part is decorated with LED lights, stylish bumper with beautiful metal inserts and a small spoiler on the tailgate.

Even the basic package includes wheels with 18-inch wheels with a design pattern.


Cabin of the novelty is quite spacious and can accommodate 5 people, along with the driver. According to the developers, in the design of the interior were used the latest materials for sound insulation, whether they are better than the rest – the time will show. We must pay tribute to Koreans, even the budget package will havr generous equipment.

Kia Niro is equipped with blowing of side windows, the secret installation of micro-climate (its essence is in adjusting the incoming air from the outside), cruise control, working together with the navigator, as many as 9 airbags, multimedia system with 7-inch display. In addition, crossover will get many kinds of electronic assistants, which are present in complex of many co-platformers (system of recognition of road markings and signs, braking before an obstacle and many others).

Sales of novelty are planned for the end of 2016, and the first sales will be in North America. European buyers will be able to buy Korean hybrid in 2017. Regarding the cost, there’s no information up to date, the official representative of Kia said that the price will be announced before the start of sales, more detailed information is not available.

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