Kawasaki KZ400 by Auto Fabrica: extreme transformation of two-wheeled

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The skill and professionalism of the customizer can be judged with confidence by his work, or rather you need to see the source material and the result. After all, in general, it is not so difficult to get Norton Commando to look good. But Buell is another matter entirely, as middling of the 70th Kawasaki KZ400. Even in the brand new state, Kawasaki KZ400 motorcycle looks as sexy as the potatoes in their skins. But the two guys from Auto Fabrica, some Bujar and Gats, were a real magicians and recently finished this modest two-cylinder bike.

The bike was imported from the United States. “Its simple shapes have a certain charm” – recalls Bujar a bit unconvincing. “Our plan was simple: strip the bike completely. On KZ400 motorcycle were traces of timid attempts to alter it, but none of them really showed the bike in the best light”.

Guys have installed 18-inch front and rear wheels, as on standard KZ400, replaced the needles and began to work on the profile of the bike. “We wanted to make its profile low enough, and low located mount of the fork has helped us with this”.

Not many customizers have their recognizable style, but the workshop Auto Fabrica is a pleasant exception. Their bikes have quite a remarkable simplicity and elegance, without unnecessary and inappropriate frills. The rear part of the frame has been altered by changing the sharp lines for smooth curves. The tail of the bike embedded with LED lamp, tinted with black glass. “We did not want to use the bolts: they do not look good in this kind of custom bikes”.


The next step was handmade tank with aluminum sheet 2.5 mm thick. Over the years, the workshop Auto Fabrica never ceases to impress the skill of metal processing. But this time they decided to try a more subtle fashion techniques.

The seat was made on a plastic support and covered in dark blue leather with stitching. On the back of the seat, there is a triangle with Auto Fabrica logo – the distinguishing sign of customisers’ work. Bujar and Gats tested five different types of steering wheels before they made their own.

Single disc brakes of American production did not fit, so Auto Fabrica masters made a special bracket to attach a modern, 2-piston caliper Nissin, and set the brake cylinder from Brembo. In addition, in the bike has been completely replaced the wiring, levers, and gears. “We used Motogadget m-Unit complete with Tiny Speedo panel. It helped to preserve the minimalist look”. Aluminum handles were also made by the masters. With such a large volume of work carried out over the appearance, it would be a crime not to take the engine seriously. Bujar and Gats have completely touched a two-cylinder engine and replace the bearings with new ones.

Cylinder heads are polished, new pistons and rings are installed, which added compression. Carburetors Mikuni VM34 tuned to maximize returns in the medium and high speeds. There are no welds or large cans in exhaust systems from Auto Fabrica, only gentle curves, so KZ400 is the proud owner of a stainless system 2-for-2, fully-designed by the masters. Domestic stainless steel walls reduce the noise a bit.


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