Kawasaki KVF750 BruteForce


In its homeland Kawasaki Heavy Industries is known, first of all, thanks to heavy excavators, loaders and aircraft engines. But our subject has nothing to do with them.

The design of the ATV Kawasaki KVF750 BruteForce represents the best traditions of quad-construction embodied in metal and plastic. In the duplex frame, welded of steel pipes, is mounted V-twin engine with the angle of cylinders of 90 degrees, the volume of 749 cm3 and a capacity of 50 hp. After a restyling a couple of years ago, there appeared renewed motor cylinder heads with camshafts of the new shape, which increased the compression ratio of the power plant and improved torque in the lower speed range. There was also retuned the engine control system, and in the cooling system was installed oversized radiator. Expansion tank migrated to an indentation near the front wheel.

Suspensions on BruteForce are of also quite traditional design: A-arms with 5-step adjustable preload of springs of front and rear shock absorbers. Front travel is 169 mm, rear – 190 mm. KVF750 has a wheel drive transmission with a reduction range in the variator and locking of the front transverse differential. Steering is assisted by adaptive electric power EPS. However, it works very intrusive and almost completely deprived the driver of feedback of the ATV wheels.


Essentially, the Japanese ATV does not have any outstanding features, at first glance. Dull appearance and averagely comfortable, by the standards of the island quad-constructors, ergonomics. It’s pretty boring and pragmatic. But despite the very modest for modern quad-equipment installed power, BruteForce goes, as they say, “for all the money”.

We find it difficult to say, what exactly gives it such a playfulness, but anyone riding this Japanese quad bike will not be able to believe that its capacity is only 50 hp: according to our subjective feelings, it accelerates at a level of US or Canadian counterparts, leaving the lines of Japanese competitors behind.

Engine of KVF750 is great! Its sharp, explosive character helps drag a 300-kilo car from any off-road trouble. And passing compactor, dusty turn is nothing for this machine! It is a pity that the suspension of the ATV does not correspond to its cocky disposition. Soft and gentle, like an ice cream under the July sun, they do not go fast.

So the potential owner of Kawasaki BruteForce must possess phlegmatic and mature character to enjoy walks or imposing slowly and carefully in the mud puddle swollen tractor ruts.


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