Infiniti Q50 2018 – sports sedan updated again

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This sports sedan has been produced for several years, and this update is a planned event. What changes the Japanese “sportsman” received will be considered in this review.

There were no striking changes in appearance in the updated version of Infiniti Q50 2017-2018. This is not surprising, because the latest new products were produced in late 2015.

The slightly stylized and refreshed car looks reserved and strict. The sporty spirit is attached by the front splitter and rear bumper, the muscular body and the black cases of the side mirrors. The novelty appeared in the headlights, which now have LED lights. The rest features of the appearance of Infinity Q50 have not changed. This is all the same blown body, with the makings of athleticism, the fine-meshed false radiator grille and the aggressive shape of the headlights.

Inside, Infiniti Q50 did not receive any know-how and only the steering wheel, with many functions, was updated.

Decorative elements were added to the upholstery of seats and the design of the torpedo. There is a red thread stitch and diamond-shaped decorative elements on the side parts of the seats in top versions.

In the rest, the sedan Infinity Q50 repeats the design and layout of the elements of the predecessor versions. The dashboard and control console with two touch monitors are in place. One for the computer control, the second for the premium multimedia system, which includes 16 speakers.

All elements are ergonomically arranged, with a focus on driver comfort. All materials in the interior decoration are of excellent quality.

As far as technology is concerned, the car was upgraded not much richer than by exterior features, as the technical part was updated only recently. It is worth paying attention to the semi-autonomous driving system, which is installed on the car of this brand for the first time. Some Nissan models also got an autopilot, but not in such a “fashion” version. Car system cannot perform full control of the movement, but rather effectively and quickly reacts in a critical situation and reacts as clearly as possible, avoiding the possibility of collision.

In addition to this, there are the following control systems:

– Intelligent cruise control;

– Distance control to the objects;

– Monitoring of blind spots;

– Active control on the markup;

– Control system of going to the wayside;

– The emergency brake;

– Forecast and warning of the possibility of collision and more.

This set of features allows you to minimize the possibility of a traffic accident, even if the driver will be “knocked out”.

For the choice of the driver are offered 6 modes, driving styles: individual, movement in the snow, comfort, sport, sport plus and ECO. Switching modes affects the performance of engine, box and suspension with the brakes. In addition to this, equipment offers all-wheel drive, as well as the ability to connect a special system to control four-wheel drive Intelligent Drive.

Power systems offer such options of engines of Infiniti Q50 2017-2018:

Diesel 2.2-liter four-cylinder engine and a power of 170 hp .;

  1. Gasoline turbocharged 2-liter, four-cylinder with 211 “horses”;
  2. 3-liter twin-turbo 6-cilinder, capacity of 405 hp, which is in the top 10 engines in the world;
  3. Hybrid gasoline engine of 3.5 liters, 305 hp plus electric 68 strong motor, giving a total return of 365 horsepower.

For all the motors is provided 7-speed automatic transmission.

Sales of versions of the car for all markets will start in June. Details of pricing and complete sets available will be available along with the arrival of the updated Q50 in each country.

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