In 2016, the light will see Ducati Monster 1200 R


In 2016, the light will see Ducati Monster Ducati 1200 R. The company decided to update its line of motorcycles under the name Monster releasing yet another modification. Now the model should finally gain a foothold in the niche of streetfighters. Motorcycle got many updates, as well as significant changes in the design, which has become more modern. The novelty promises to be really exciting.

Ducati Monster appeared back in 1992, when the Italian company was experiencing a small crisis. The Monster, it can be said, has breathed life into the Ducati. This motorcycle was one of the first streetfighters in the world market of bikes. During the release of the model experienced not one change, in the end it got a sporty design and powerful engine. The bike has a six-speed transmission and engine output of 145 horsepower. The engine uses modern technology, for example, an electronic fuel injection system. Motorcycle combines two qualities: excellent performance and aggressive styling. So now there’s no need to choose.


What do you think of the Ducati Monster 1200 R? Will it appeal to fans of streetfighters? Will the new model be a success or not?

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