Hyundai i20 Active 2016 – with a high maneuverability


Hyundai does not lag behind in fashion trends. Recently has been represented another compact crossover – Hyundai i20 Active.

Another car proposed to the average buyer – a modern compact crossover (have you noticed how this type of cars is gaining popularity?) Hyundai i20 Active.

The model is similar to the crossover left in the Indian market Hyundai ix25 (Creta), but the main difference is the large maneuverability, although the roots of the car are the same. You can now leave the asphalt to the city lovers and have some fun.

Ground clearance is increased, the body has an additional plastic protection covering the hips, bumper, roof rails, wheel arches and the bottom of the car. Suspension is more aggressive, lights were changed for the LED technology. Wheels are increased, which corresponds to the off-road driving.

Officially, the company said that there were no changes in the cabin of the “active” car, nothing new is provided, but if you look closely… Front passenger seats are modified, there are aluminum pedals in the feet of the driver, front air bags are provided.


It is possible to use the convenient system of admission without keys at the driver’s door. For the ultimate pleasure, audio system with eight speakers, USB and AUX ports are provided, as well as the function for data exchange via Bluetooth.

Trunk volume has not changed – full compliance with the capacity of the indigenous model.

The model has kept the classic front-wheel drive, the whole thrust of the car is in its front part.
Liter petrol engine provides power of 100 and 120 horsepower. The difference ranges depending on the use of efficient turbine.

Diesel engine is also possible with this model, its power makes up 89 horsepower, 1,4 liters.

Transmission is presented by both automatic and manual. Five or six, depending on the type of motor – petrol or diesel, gears. Manual gearbox in the new model is great.

Brand campaigns buyers for the new active car, saying that model will soon have the gasoline turbine of 1.0 liter, two power options – 99 and 118 horsepower not shown before.


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