Hyosung GD250N


The stylish and relatively inexpensive bike from Korea Hyosung GD250N leaves the impression of a successful system, which lacks the light “revision with a file”.

Motorcycles with an engine capacity of 300 “cubes” are the vehicles for beginners, for those who have returned to the “theme” after a long break, as well as for those who want “just the bike” for the daily drive to and from work through traffic jams. Low-cubage bikes simply must be present in the line of every self-respecting manufacturer (except, perhaps, firms that specialize in some specific classes of motorcycles, such as cruisers), as the demand for them in Europe is always high because of the peculiarities of the local legislation. Therefore, the Japanese quartet, and KTM, and from this year even the BMW can find at least one representative of this class.

However, branded low-cubage vehicle is based on the simplest schemes using technology “of the last century” in order to achieve an acceptable price, as, for example, a thin telescopic fork, steel frame, “arrow” dashboard and so on. In this regard, the Korean brand Hyosung does not save “the matches”- naked GD250N different from Japanese competitors due to an aggressive design, inverted fork and digital dashboard, as well as the single-cylinder engine, more befitting the occasion. At the same time, it is also a bit cheaper, but not enough to instantly relieve a potential buyer from the torment of choice. Which necessarily arise in those, for whom is important not only bright, unusual appearance.

Steel frame of the “birdcage”, inverted telescopic fork with a diameter of 37 mm, injection one-cylinder engine with a capacity of 249 cm3 with a decent volume of 29 hp, 300 mm front disc brake – dignified “gentlemen’s set” supported by good quality build and the already mentioned original design.


During the ride you enjoy blockiness and integrity of the structure: there is no feeling that the bike “dangles” somewhere between the legs of the driver and between its own wheels. It is a “tight” vehicle, surprising for its class willingly laying maneuvers. Sometimes even too eager, given that Koreans have not yet learned how to customize suspension the way the Japanese or Europeans do. And if the shock absorber is still possible to adjust a bit for preload and rebounding the damping, making it little harder, then plug both tightened in the factory and have to travel, feeling the roughness of each.

Motor nominally produces nearly 30 hp, but feels backed by the views of the vast muffler, these are not “horses”, and some leisurely “goners”. GD250N accelerates slowly and thoughtfully, as if on the variator: you opened gas to a full extent, sit and wait until the motor comes to its senses. 6-speed gearbox already seems to be traditional for Hyosung, does not work well: it is not always clear, is the desired “speed” activated or not. We have to consult with the indicator on the dashboard, but it is also sometimes buggy.

Perhaps these two nodes – the engine and the gearbox, as well as some disproportionately and inconveniently set foot gear (fortunately, it can be substituted) are the main weaknesses of the Korean naked. Of course, one can get used to them and adapt, but they will remind about themselves constantly.

And vibration… Despite the declared shaft balancing, bike shakes excessively in virtually entire rev range. Hands then long remember even the short journey.

But the brakes! Front wheel drive is very effective. The rear too, but due to lack of feedback on the pedal, the rear wheel is often blocked – it must be borne in mind. As well as the fact that grip of the stock rubber of Indian production does not correspond to the capabilities of the bike – it is desirable to immediately change it.


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