Harley-Davidson Street 750


The emergence of a completely new motorcycle models, as well as cars, is always an event. The appearance of a brand new Harley is twice an event. Especially if it is such an ambiguous model as Harley-Davidson Street 750.

The fact that the new Harley-Davidson Street 750 is assembled in India, has low-cubage (for Hurley) engine and does not look like a “real Iron Motorcycle”, has generated a lot of discussions, debates (perhaps only the appearance of V-Rod was discussed as vigorously!) and guesses this bike is made for the Asian market.

Far from it. Street 750 is built for Europe, even more than for the United States. In Europe, with its narrow streets, high prices for gasoline and parking, and a large number of vehicles the following format will be handy: a small, maneuverable, lightweight, minimalistic.

And marketers definitely have guessed the audience! Most experienced riders have not taken a novelty – Street is too different from the usual image of American bikes. But the count was not on them, but on the young citizens of the “new formation” (do not think that we’re talking about hipsters, of course, not!), Who is going to take the first motorcycle “from scratch” or instead of a scooter. They liked Street both externally, and due to the fact that it is not like the stereotypical Harley that infests and go only if the biker’s belly and beard have grown to a certain size, and due to the fact that they do not have to match this alien brutal image…


In general, the concept is clear. And what about the implementation?

It does not make much sense to discuss design and ease of sitting, although both these factors we personally did not like: both are quite individual. But colored wires sticking out from all sides, rubber pads on the fork constantly slipping for a few millimeters and quite elusive “neutral” can spoil the mood. We understand that now retro is in fashion, but a unit on a modern motorcycle, and even for such a lot price, should work well! And while driving everything is excellent – the transmission can be switched without any traction, but neutral is caught only while moveing and not every time. Flaws! The list of “cons” will be finished with a slight nod in the direction of the insufficiently effective front brake, but there is a feeling that Harley decided to make it its chip, which you just have to accept – or to be proud of.

But enough about the shortcomings: Harley-Davidson Street 750 has some nice surprises! This is the central part, the main muscle of its body – the new truly flaming engine. Yes, only 750 “cubes”, but it shoots to the envy of many more voluminous comrades and not just because of the cruiserweights, and does not “fade” to high speed! And together with good chassis and power-intensive suspension, adequately coping with all standard maneuvers and road irregularities, it makes Street really interesting and not dull urban motorcycle.

In general, despite some flaws, which may be corrected in the next batches, the first exit on a highly competitive and “directly perpendicular” for Harley-Davidson youth motorcycles market of an entry level can be considered successful. But how will this nod to the changing fashion trends will be reflected in the name, spirit and business of the legendary brand in the future? Maybe they should just drop the price of the younger Sportsters (which is possible due to cross-platformness and volumes), but not change themselves in the pursuit of a new strange audience? Or our skepticism and regret are because of the beginning after 30 years of rejection of everything new? Debatable. As 750 Street is.


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