Harley-Davidson Road Glide Special


Words “hard” and “heavy” can describe both tourer Harley-Davidson Road Glide Special, which came back last year to the range, and the fait of the one who can afford to ride it. But isn’t it overcoming makes a motorcyclist from a man?!

To travel to the country through the city during rush hour (and it is lasts for almost the whole day in the capitals), it was necessary, of course, to take some nimble urban naked, but we had no choice – on the order was standing tourer Harley-Davidson Road Glide Special.

This motorcycle with other Harley-Davidson tourers was upgraded under the Rushmore project. The unclear, but fashionable modern name hides all sorts of successful and not very ergonomic improvements.

For example, “inside” a huge front fairing, attached to the frame, appeared a display of multimedia system with navigation.

Built-in navigator – always comfortable, even despite the fact that on a clear day, any fairing will not obscure the screen so that it was evident that something other than the line of the route. But you can listen to the voice in your headset, speaking, where to go and what to do. Or music from SD-card or USB drive connected via USB.

Some more updates – special “air holes” in the fairing in front and on sides. For when it’s hot, it was possible to “switch on” the blowout. One thing: the side curtain is not fixed in the open position, and the center is closed, never again opened. Well, nothing; I think this year everything was fixed.


But the new locks of coffers are beautiful! Now the lids are opened and closed with one hand, and not as before – with two, and even with the help of the heavenly powers.

Road Glide is equipped with a high-performance motor High Output Twin Cam 103 with air-cooled and integrated oil cooler. Engine has a standard volume of 1690 “cubes” and normally not disclosed power rating. However, this is not a sportbike, it strength is not as important as the momentum (138 Nm), and it is not in numbers, but in the sensations: rides – doesn’t rides. Road Glide rides. Like all the Harleys with the same engine. That is quite frisky.

New soft seat allows you to keep your back straight, sitting comfortably on the foot platforms and put relaxed hands on the handlebars. Here is just a nuisance: inside the seat through the seams during the rain or cleaning gets water, which dries in a couple of days – and all this time you sit on the wet! This is perhaps the most important puncture in the entire ergonomics of Road Glide, because of the falling of the rain none motorcycle is insured, no matter how much it was worth! Especially tourer, designed for many kilometers of travel.

Being indignant about this, make my way through the rush on the right lane with tear off asphalt and protruding manholes – cars will not climb it. And I should not have to – and then try to roll onto its side: at low speed and uneven surfaces when you need to maneuver hard, and dramatically slow down, the most outstanding in every sense part of Road Glide is “muzzle” with a huge fairing and two lights – every second checks every muscle in my body for strength and endurance. Half an hour in this mode – and you have no need to go to the gym. Surrounding nod with understanding and step aside.


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