Geely GC6 2016-2017 – new Chinese sedan


An updated version of an inexpensive sedan Geely GC6 2016-201 got much prettier and flashed with new colors.

The Chinese auto industry is gradually tightened to world leaders on all counts, wisely preferring to work temporarily in the budget segment. Automakers from China will gain experience, and will surely compete in all other segments, this sedan is a vivid proof of the fact.

Exterior of Geely GC6 2016-2017 is pulled up to the required level and is consistent with modern ideas about what a sedan should look like, that is, the car with some claim to executive class.

Headlights gained a holistic view, they are arranged in the units with elongated bending and acquired new components.

Direction indicator on seven LEDs impress with stylishness. False radiator grille has risen to a higher level, and began to look more ornate, being enriched with chrome inserts suitable for such a purpose. The modernized bumper accommodated LED running lights in the form of a boomerang. Original design of taillights is also appealing, located at the rear of the vehicle. Each of the lampshades has about three dozen LEDs. Compact bumper became fresher, more so in the presence of the large fog lamps.


Even a glance at the pictures of the pre-reform and post-reform cabins of Geely GC6 is enough to notice dramatic changes. The shape of the steering wheel is quite different, it is not completely round, and undercut in the bottom on a small chord. The instrument panel is completely replaced, with emphasis on the readability of information reproduced by the various devices.

All devices look more modern. Quality finish and more rigorous approach to the build quality are striking. Traditional negligence in combining elements cannot be noticed. The manufacturer offers its customers to choose from and a wider color gamut of finishing materials than before.

The car will initially be available only in the country of manufacture, using more impressive name, which refers to King Kong. How it will look like a big ape from the popular film – will be seen, but even basic equipment is assumed to be filled and comfortable.

Electric powered windows, heated mirrors with LED indicators, heated seats for the front row are a nice addition to air conditioning and entertainment complex in the form of audio settings of good quality and great opportunities. That is, it will have to go nice and not boring. And there is still power steering, airbags and several electronic devices for various purposes.


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