Ford ikon

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Ford Ikon

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The Ford Ikon is a Chennai Indian designed, manufactured and assembled car. For the first launch occurred in November 1999. It was initially built for Indian population but was later distributed to china and South America being renamed Ford siesta. Later on, Ford began spreading its branch companies to other continents.

The car stands on a semi-compact body. The initial version had an engine capacity of 1.3 liters with a camshaft capable of giving up to 52 Kw.
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In 2008, it received an engine upgrade in both the engine capacity and the camshaft abilities. It is during the same year that the interior of the vehicle also received an upgrade in all areas. In 2009 the 2nd generation Ford was launched with relatively the same interior features and a body designed in Europe. Each year till present, Ford companies make new improvements on the cars with regards to the engine, body, and transmission systems.



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