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With 18 inch steel winter wheels and LT winter tires my 2014 Raptor gets better highway mileage by 2 – 3L 100KM less fuel consumption vs the 2013 FX4 loaded ecoboost I traded with my deal. With the stock 35 inch raptor bead lock capable wheels and tires about the same as that Ecoboost on the highway. In the city the wheels were more of a factor and the Ecoboost was a little better.
Don’t buy either for fuel mileage, but, when driven reasonably its liveable and well worth the fact that these are both great trucks. Hands down way prefer the Raptor overall, then again its not my only vehicle.

Ford 4x4 photo - 1

I got the same fx4 as in the video and my payments are $558 a month. im going with U.S bank. I have 5,200 miles on it and I can get 21-22mpg on flat high way doing 60mph. now I want to put this out there… my mom has the platinum with long box and I have the fx4 like I said and its the short box. now I know they are both geared different but I can get at least 2-3mpg better than her. but average mpg is around 17.5mpg for me and around 13 pulling my 22ft tilt bed trailer with what ever on it “it doesn’t really change when towing” also both trucks are ecoboost motors

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