Do not fight it, feel it: Auto Fabrica worked on Honda CX500


When Honda CX500 motorcycle gets to the workshop, the most masters are beginning to work on it with its frame. It looks awkward and sagging and the usual solution is to disguise it, or use welding equipment.

However, Auto Fabrica decided not to change anything here. As soon as they disassembled the bike to the frame to create an outline of the project, they fell in love with its unique shape.

“Surprise is in an organic form of the frame,” explains one of the founders of the studio Budzhar Muharremmi, “with really stunning side profile.”

“We have considered the idea of ​​remaking it, but it caused a slight sense of guilt in us. We set out to make it functional and aesthetically pleasing. ”

So guys just removed the controversial frame before the determination of additional body profile. Handmade aAluminum fuel tank made a focus; slim unit smoothly flowing in a short seat.

The body gives the impression with its almost smooth lines. It is somewhat similar to the bike Type 6 Yamaha XS650, the photo of which is placed on the cover of a book about custom bikes The Ride: Second Gear.

“Work on the Type 6 was an exercise in metal processing, which raised our skills of designing and engineering to a new level,” says creative director Budzhar Muharremmi.

With Type 8 CX500 worked in the same way, and here, again, small details play the role.


Screw cap on the fuel tank is sunk. The real work of art is a seat with a dark finish and original plate through the holes in which bacame visible modest yellow-brown skin.

They worked even more with Honda, shortening the forks and providing them with Maxton springs. In the rear part were installed Hagon shock absorbers, instead of clumsy wheels of Comstar, installed on the CX500, we put the wheels with spokes.
Front 19-inch wheel by the CB450 TLS, and rear 16-inch rim to the Honda hub. Both wheels are shod with Shinko tires.

The engine was modified to improve performance. Carburetors have been touched and provided with foam filters. Elegant exhaust system has been made by hand of 316 stainless steel.

“We felt that this part of the bike, with which we could clear up,” says Budzhar, “so we gave preference to curved highly elevated option. The main objective was to avoid straight lines, which was a big problem, but it turned out well.”

In typical for Auto Fabrica manner, everything was cut or bent in some way. Taillight is represented a modest handmade LED module hidden near the right shock absorber.
In the front part was cut clamp of the upper beam and on top was put a tiny digital speedometer Motogadget. Plates of stainless steel with built-in switches are mounted with brackets.

Now motorcycles Type 8 and Type 6 are located in Geneva, at the exhibition in the gallery of mechanical art of watch manufacturer MB&F.

Given that Swiss watchmakers understand a little in hard work on metal, it’s really high praise.


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