Deutz dx

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Deutz dx is a tractor series of German origin used for agricultural production purposes.

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It is produced by a company named Deutz-Fahr. Deutz-Fahr was founded in 1968 after acquiring the majority stake of share capital in FAHR, a leading company that was already producing agricultural equipment. Deutz dx series was launched on the market in 1978. A new generation tractor that features synchronized gears, four wheel drive as standard, a forced lubrication system, electronic hitch regulation and cabs with elastic suspensions and a horsepower from 80 to 200. Deutz dx primarily runs on diesel.
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The Deutz dx series has a number of model series since their production time. The first in line being DX 80 model to the newer version DX 8.30 which has an even more horse power of 220 and a 6-cylinder diesel engine. The transmission T6636 has 18 forward and six reverse gears and runs at 25km/hour. The Bosch EHR hydraulic system has a lift capacity of 8150 kilograms.


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