Citroen C3 2016-2017 – a new compact hatchback


The French have recently been coming up with the times, and now and then surprises us. Here is a vivid example of the novelty, unusual and stylish hatchback Citroen C3. In appearance the car very much looks like its big brother Citroen C4, but it is not only in appearance.

So, for what the new model was declassified ahead of time, what surprises are prepared? Let’s learn more.

Like its older brother, Citroen C4, despite the compact size, its style is strongly reminiscent of a crossover. However, nothing surprising, for today it is the most popular segment.

Although the C3 has its own unique style. Let’s take, for example, lighting fixtures in three levels, which is composed of top-level LED daytime running lights, a fairly large main headlamps and driving lights, and a lower level with large round-shaped foglights. The lower part of the body is protected with unpainted plastic bodywork around. On the doors are installed brand moldings in three levels.

With regard to the general form of the body, it is quite a large and tall, as the actual wheel arches with wheels. But the rear part, to the opposite, is small with neat tail lights.

Potential buyers have the opportunity to choose the individual car color, for this are provided as much as 9 exterior colors and three colors for the roof.

Interior is made almost exactly with the cabin older brother Citroen C4, the only difference is that C3 general interior is designed in classic style and familiar to most motorists. There is no premium or sports incline, the front panel and center console are made in the traditional style with no frills.

The only thing that looks out of place is the door handles and fully flat seats with imitation of lateral support. Imitation, because the rollers are too widely placed. As in the case with the body, the buyer can choose the colors of the interior, there are 4 of them. There are also a simple options and options of expensive packages.


We must pay tribute to the designers, the ergonomics of the control is at a height. Multifunctional steering wheel is made of quality materials and a bit cut off from the bottom. Dashboard is modern, with digital technology and with on-board, full-color computer-router.

Modern media system has a color screen of 7 inches, which provides support for mobile operating systems, voice navigation, rear camera, and climate control. There is also a variety of assistants, for example, the start assistant and assistants in the form of monitoring the barriers and road markings signs.

Specially highlighted is a proprietary monitoring system with front camera, its main feature is that it turns on and starts recording what is happening during an emergency.

For a new car the French has prepared new engines, petrol and diesel.

This will be a gasoline engine of 1.2 liters, which can be customized and provide different capacity from 68 to 110 horsepower.

Diesel power unit has a working volume of 1.6 liters, and also depending on the configuration has a capacity of 75 or 100 horses.

At the heart of the C3 is the new platform using modules, thereby developers managed to make more rigid body and provide a novelty with previously inaccessible equipment.

Price for the basic package was already announced, it is not less than 14 thousand Euros, and it’s not just about the minimum equipment, but also the weakest engine of 68 hp. According to preliminary information, the sale of new items will begin in the first place in Europe before the winter 2016 or early 2017.


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