Chery Tiggo 5 2016-2017 – restyling improved design and features


As you know, not so long ago in China began selling of an updated car Chery Tiggo 5. It is noteworthy that this model appeared on the market two years ago, but the Chinese engineers have decided to drastically change the car, because the previous Chery Tiggo could not attract the attention of buyers.

If we talk about the design of the updated Chery Tiggo 5, it has really changed for the better. First of all, striking stylish modern lights that can boast the original form. In addition, the future owners of the car, for sure, will appreciate the look of the grille and fog lamps that resemble the “eyes”, on top were added strips with diodes.

All this idyll is supplemented with metal wheels and tail bumper. Special attention is given to the body, even in spite of the fact that there aren’t any frills in this section, however, in any case, here are seen some design ideas that did not exist before the upgrade.

Interior of the new Chery Tiggo 5 is made in the traditional style. It should be noted that Chinese engineers have focused on the functionality of the car, dropping appearance by the wayside. In particular, in the cabin can be seen the modern instrument panel, which is complemented by a touch screen and a multimedia center.


Also, we need to pay attention to the rearview camera, a navigation system and other devices, which certainly not only make life easier for the driver, but also make the trip more interesting. As for the interior trim, it has become better than before. For example, all the seats in the car boast modern skin and in the rapids have a special LED backlight.

Among other optional features, which an updated model Chery Tiggo 5 has, should be highlighted the automatic transmission of the driver’s seat, access to the interior without a key and button engine start.

Perhaps someone thought that the updated Chery Tiggo 5 will smite everybody with its improved performance, but much to the surprise of many experts, they remain the same. Chinese engineers have installed in a car petrol engine which proved to be excellent when working with 5-speed manual transmission. In addition, this power plant can be used in tandem with various “variators”. The capacity of the engine would be enough to propel the car to a speed of 175 km. You should agree that for fans of fast driving it is not enough.

However, the car Chery Tiggo 5 is available in several packages, so you can choose the engine, much more powerful than the standard version.

– 2L performing 139 hp and consumption of 8,5l per 100 kilometers, the maximum speed as mentioned above 175.

– 1,5L with 152 hp turbo accelerates crossover up to speed of 187 km/h, average consumption of 7,2l per hundred.


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