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Case IH is a make of agricultural kit.

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It was engendered in 1984 as soon as Tenneco bought culled possessions of the agricultural detachment from the International Harvester and fused it to its J.I. Case Firm. Currently, Case IH is held by CNH Industrial, that in revolve is financially coordinated thru the Italian company Fiat Industrial.

Case IH recommends agricultural equipment, financial accommodations, as well as components and accommodation help for planters and marketable dealers thru’ a network of operators and distributors. Yield increasing products include tractors; coalesces and mowers; hay and forage equipment; tillage implements; seeding systems and planting; sprays and applicators; and site concrete farming implements. Case IH has achieved many AE50 honors from American Society of Biological Engineers and Agricultural, ASABE, for their produces.
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Several of Case IH most notable equipment type include Axial-Flow cumulates, Farmall , , Steiger and Magnum tractors. At present, CNH Ecumenical perpetuates to manufacturing the tractors named Case IH. All Case IH kit can utilize (B5) bio-diesel from the approved suppliers and proximately a moiety of the brands sold ecumenically are approved, following opportune proprieties, for 100 % biodiesel (B100)


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