Can-Am Spyder


Can-Am Spyder tricycles are a specific equipment that does not prevent them from being in demand in the US and Europe.  We’ll tell what interesting has appeared in a new line of Spyder

The second generation of the tourist Spider appearance has changed slightly, but in the “internal” the BRP engineers have made a real revolution.

They altered geometry of the front suspension, and steering improved noticeably: now there’s no need to go all out with both hands to push the wheel to fit into a protracted turn, the machine lays the bends easily and precisely.

The engine is also new – Rotax 1330 ACE – 3-cylinder, in-line, with volume of 1330 “cubes”. More powerful and picked-up, which is particularly important for heavy tourer with not the best aerodynamics. And it became quieter. And sequential 6-speed gearbox began to switch more smoothly. Engine cooling system is more taken out to the front of the Spider. The trunk is slightly decreased due to this, but the feet of the driver are not threaten to roast, if you have to stand in a traffic jam.

Platforms for legs are made spring-loaded and snapping down a little, if it is needed to press on the brake strongly. They can be adjusted in five positions, so that the driver of any size can find a comfortable one. The only ergonomic minus, perhaps, is the combined brake tab: it’s uncomfortable to keep leg on it all the time, because of the fairing, you have to remove leg and place it on the platform, and in case of emergency the precious fractions of a second will be spent on feet replacement. It would be necessary to bring the wheel brake lever. But the effectiveness of the brakes improved through the installation of wheels and brake discs of slightly larger diameter.

Individually, all of these changes, it would seem – a trifle, but in general, they create a completely new device, which is particularly felt in comparison to the previous generation. On the first Spyder RT could travel long distances with great pleasure, and on the new – even better.



This is a completely new model in the line of Spider, made in the “cruiser” style, designed to compete with … yes, motorcycles cruisers of the legendary American brand, which are used by almost 70% of motorcyclists in the United States.

What? There are a lot of roads in North America, they are mostly flat and straight, traffic jams outside the major cities are little – there tricycle Spyder is not a lack, but on the contrary, an attractive feature: safe, comfortable, cool. Even very cool – have a look at its predatory face!

Seating is proper – foot forward (platforms are rearranged along the tubular frame), the general medium hard seat back rests on the lumbar support, hands are relaxed, wind in your face… F3 is not a “tourist” like the RT, it is not equipped with a serious windscreen, but I was able to drive it at cool night on the highway about a hundred kilometers away, and will not say that it brought me terrible suffering. Yes, cooler than on the RT, but not critical.

The new F3 is more dynamic than RT. The same 1330-cc engine, but less weight and better aerodynamics, and is more stable at high speed: RT due to sail at some point starts to prowl, especially if the track is found. Although this new suspension wills minimize it.

Spyder is a niche product, but it has already won its audience. And the new F3 will expand this audience.


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