Can-Am Maverick X3

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The battle for the consumer at the market of sports SSVs does not stop for a minute. The arms race – capacity, suspension moves, control accuracy – does not subside. This year round, without a doubt, is winning the Canadian company BNR with its new flagship Can-Am Maverick X3.

Two years ago there was industry’s first serial turbocharged SSV – Can-Am Maverick with capacity of 120 hp. It was an undoubted success and furore. The main competitor of the Canadians – an American company Polaris – did not fail to respond to this challenge, and a year later Polaris RZR 1000 Turbo saw the light, power of which was brought to a staggering 141 hp. However, once it became clear that further boost of V-shaped “two” of both cars is meaningless: it is impossible to sell masse technique with a resource of several tens of moto-hours. So this year from BRP were expected something conceptually new that goes beyond the usual. And Canadians did not disappoint us!

The new machine got the old name, but with the “X Three” prefix – this way creators emphasized the continuity of the lineup. But in addition to the name, and, perhaps, model of tires, old and new machines are not united by anything.

Top news is the engine. The BRP declined 2-cylinder V-type engine as the one which exhausted possibilities for further boost and set a new 3-cylinder in-line engine with the capacity of 900 cm3. Turbocharger for it was designed from scratch and is located in a single unit with the exhaust manifold in order to minimize exhaust path from the engine to the impeller. Thus, the engineers managed to minimize the response time of the engine by pressing a gas pedal and get rid of turbo-holes. The specifications of the new engine of Can-Am Maverick X3 immediately asked a new benchmark for all market participants – 154 hp and 153 Nm! Meanwhile the motor has a reserve for future upgrades: there is reserve to increase the working volume and pressure of turbine. In short, we will see new horizons. But in the future, and today a new ATV Can-Am is again the most powerful production sports SSV in the world.

On single 3-cylinder engine hums pleasantly behind the back seats, but it is necessary to press on the gas pedal … Oh, that feeling, when the brain is stuck to the rear of the skull! 4.5 seconds to hundreds is maddening! In this case, unlike the last V-shaped “two”, the new motor is easily and simply controlled, the characteristics are very linear and temperament is balanced. “Two” was too nervous – it was necessary to work very carefully with gas.

To get a high ground clearance and optimum weight distribution, past Maverick, as well as SSV of the competitors, have done quite high, with a high center of gravity. Therefore, the main problem of all powerful SSVs was a tendency to roll over in turns, how many crews did not finish in all kinds of races because of the “ears”, cannot be counted.

This time, Canadians has radically shoveled the very concept of ergonomics and geometry of the chassis of the machine. Pilot and passenger are seated in Can-Am Maverick X3 almost to the floor, like in the car of “Formula 1”. This has allowed to significantly reduce the mass and the center of the machine to reduce the height of the safety cage. Wheelbase of Maverick X3 has grown from 2235 to 2591 mm. Track width has also increased. In short, the BRP engineers have done everything to make the machine more stable in cornering, and therefore faster. By the way, the top version of the “third x” has width, clearance, ground clearance and some other parameters even more.

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