Can-Am Maverick 1000 X DS Turbo

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ATV Can-Am Maverick appeared in 2013 as a sports development of Side-Byside BRP Can-Am Commander. Then Maverick for some time was the most powerful serial “side” in the world, until it was “caught up” by the competitors. However, Canadians are trying to be the first to do everything the most powerful and fastest – including the first production turbocharged SSV – Can-Am Maverick X DS Turbo. The ordinary Can-Am Maverick’s capacity was 101 hp, and with turbine it is 121 hp, plus 40% of the torque was added. And what, one wonders, are such insane “turbines” for? This is what we found out.

It is on the sandy dunes and steppe “directions” you understand, what for are made the vehicles such as Can-Am Maverick: to jump from crests of dunes, land safe, not to dig in solid in appearance, but reality viscous sand. It is to drive on the sand a small turbine coupled with a “fast” variator QRS and electronically controlled throttle iTC is good, with which “turbomaverik” is equipped – as a result, the motor is practically absent of turbohole, and a large torque is transmitted to the wheels with almost no delay after you press the gas pedal . Therefore, the “side” does not have time to get bogged down and buried, and shoots from the spot. And you can, as in commercials, throw pillars of sand when you start to spin on the spot with a fan of sand spray, take off the steep leeward sides of the dune top, which would be very difficult to perform without the turbine…

Wow! It is difficult at such a moment not to lose your head from the adrenaline and capabilities of machine, but it is necessary to keep up: even BRP can not cancel the laws of physics yet, so discharging gas during jumping off a crest of a sand dune or a too sharp turn downhill – and any “side” will turn over or stuck its nose in hard “floor” under the wave of the dune, where the wind blew all the sand and exposed the solid almost a stone foundation…


Maverick X ds Turbo has increased, in comparison with the version of RS, wheelbase (2235 mm), the upgraded rear TTA suspension with the progress of 406 mm and a high-performance fully adjustable Fox shock absorbers, designed specifically for it. The turbocharged Maverick is a serious, expensive sports machine. It would be nice to it to get the rally four-point seat belts in the “base”, rather than the usual three-point, that at the speeds available to Maverick, and in the desert or in a race across the steppes, are not able to safely fix the riders. It is clear that one won’t spend the last money on such machine, and the owner will not be burdened by the spend of some more for the finishing of the side to make it comply with the requirements of sports regulations. Yet it would be a nice bonus…

Maverick Turbo, unlike the usual, which is available even in the mud version X mr, is designed for driving on hard and loose coatings such as sand and dry soil. Everything in it – the engine and suspension, the shock absorbers squeezed for practicing jumps, thin rods, sports bucket seats – is designed for high-speed races on the relatively flat and stable surface. In this respect, the inhabitants of southern regions are lucky: their fields, steppes and sands are ideal for walking this beast. But buying “turbomaverik” and driving it into the woods and dirt, and then being surprised that the drives are flying and variator breaks down – it is at least illogical. For driving around the cottages and boasting to your friends and neighbors, there is a more suitable (too expensive and beautiful!) machine – the same Can-Am Commander, marketed, as the Maverick, in two- and four-seater versions.


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