Bmw x1

Research has shown that the BMW X1 remains a compact crossover product. Since 2009, the product has been marketed globally by BMW. It comes in all-wheel-drive and rear-wheel-drive designs. Nevertheless, the BWM X1 is currently in its 2nd generation.

The concept of the production of X1 came from Paris Motor Show in 2008. The series production of the car started at the BMW Leipzig plant in October 2009. Nevertheless, the process continues to develop in India, Chennai, China and Shenyang.

Bmw x1 photo - 1

Another amazing thing to know that the crossover X1 appear with similar features like the BMW X3. The whole design is cascaded on the BMW 3 Series E91. The vehicle is classified under the midsize cars category. Surveys have shown that about approximately 500,000 models have been sold as of September 2013. It is important to know that the X1 featured BMW’s N20 engine structure in its xDrive28i design. To be factual, the X1 remain smaller in size and cheaper than the X3 model.

Bmw x1 photo - 2

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