BMW R 1200 R


The new roadster BMW R 1200 R is not just a new generation, but much revised concept, still retaining the conventionality, designed for a younger audience. Concepts gets new suspension components, powertrain and modern electronics. And, of course, a new character.

After the recent debut of the new boxer engine with liquid-cooled cylinder heads on the flagship BMW R 1200 GS Bavarian concern has consistently turned on it and other boxer models (except for R NineT, but that’s another story).

In the case of the new roadster R 1200 R, engine change resulted in a rejection of the front suspension trademark Telelever, which retracted peck of the motorcycle while braking, and its replacemen with the familiar to most riders upside down fork with 45 mm pen diameter, as Telelever lever interferes with the installation of the radiator. But now we do not need to get used to the atypical behavior of the vehicle, luckily, numerous electronic systems negate the possible sharpness in the behavior of the pilot.

The new R 1200 R frame consists of two sub-frames, fixed to the carrier element – the engine. The traditional rear console suspension Paralever with the inside cardan received EVO prefix and changed the direction of securing from the right to the left. As an additional option available is system of electronic suspension control Dynamic ESA, which automatically adapts to the driving conditions, depending on driving style and performed maneuvers by changing the degree of compression and rebound of shock absorbers in two modes – Dynamic and Road, and making the chassis either harder or softer.

Modes of the engine operation, and there are also two – rain and traffic, are already available in the basic package by using an electronic throttle in the motorcycle. In addition, the standard package includes ABS and ASC System Stability for increased security at a set rate. Additionally, you can fork out for the Riding Pro option and get the system of dynamic traction control DTC with tow-away protection, as well as two driving modes – Dynamic and User, i.e. sports and user-customizable.


However, for city driving, for which the new R 1200 R was mainly designed, user mode does not make large sense: it is unlikely someone will be able to set up a motorcycle on their own better than BMW engineers, and if you disable all electronic systems – it will only reduce the activity of security, because R 1200 R with its 125 hp power and 125 Nm of torque and so that just tries to get up on its hind legs. And electronics interferes in the management of the motorcycle very delicately, almost imperceptibly, so disabling it is, perhaps, only when going on the track.

We can not tell you a little about the new motor. At the motorcycle has version with a lighter flywheel, rather than one that is in the engine for a large “goose”. Compared with air opposit, which is put now, for example, in R nineT, the unit of the R 1200 R is not so undermined from below, which is why when throttling on-site, bike is not so defiantly throws away, but the torque is increased and more evenly distributed over the entire operating range. At medium and high speeds traction now is also lacking. For city use it is very convenient as you can rarely change gears.

The new R 1200 R is an urban roadster made for a younger audience than the European fans of “tourers” of GS Series. But our young people, which is the lion’s share of motorcyclists in general and consumers of all kinds of nakeds in particular, it may seem insufficiently brutal and charismatic, and will by liked by people closer to 40… However, it is the rare case when a motorcycle managed to unite with little or no loss qualities required for the city and travel: stable chassis, precise steering, comfortable fit and the seat on which the “back support” does not begin to swell within a half hour drive, and flexible engine. If you hang on the R 1200 R trunks and visor, you get a great tourer! Comfortable and convenient, but not boring and without kinks.


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