Audi has presented the new Audi R8 Spyder V10 2017

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The novelty Audi R8 Spyder V10 is the version of the second generation of the famous supercar Audi R8, now convertible. Premiere already took place in March 2016 in New York at the World Motor Show.

Spider the 8th has become a headache for other manufacturers of supercars, because he has created serious competition for the McLaren 650S Spider and Ferrari 488 Spider. About everything in detail.

As for the appearance, in this regard nothing has really changed, it’s all the same familiar look of the R8 – Coupe. Is that a change of the engine compartment lid (the coupe version’s roof flows smoothly into the rear part, while the roadster has a separate cover with ventilation slots) and the actual roof itself, because now it is a roadster.

The roof of the “eighth” became tissue and converts by means of electric drives, by the way, folding or raising the roof takes only 20 seconds, while even performed at a speed not exceeding 50 km/h.

The weight of the roof is only 44 kg.

Everything else is the same Audi Spider – a small clearance, the original air intakes, massive rear end, and others.


Developers do not have to invent something new, interior was borrowed from the previous version, almost one to one. Unless you can recall what equipment offer German automakers.

As well as in the coupe, the cabin has a virtual panel with a large enough screen of 12 inches installed, which also acts as a monitor of on-board computer.

This same display shows the information on the testimony of all the sensors and instruments. In addition, the monitor displays information from the navigator, multimedia system and audio system.

Supercar is bound to have a multifunctional steering wheel, and it is present (in braided soft leather). For its price Audi boasts adaptive tuning of the sports seats, front and back climate control, interior covered with leather, inserts made of carbon fiber and aluminum, and even control of the sound of the exhaust system.

For additional payment, options will be available in the form of bucket seats, modern acoustics system (as many as 13 active speakers). By default, audio speakers are in the headrests, laser lights, and leather with a diamond pattern on the seats.
One of the features of Audi R8 is a function of hands-free call on the phone, which is mounted in the seat belt. Everything is clear with the interior.

Sales are planned for late spring or early summer (probably mid-April and mid-May). The cost of the novelty is impressive – from 180,000 Euros.


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