Audi A3 2017-2018 year – the entire range has been updated


While everybody around carried restyling, Audi A3 remained from 2012 such as they were. Premium models, including two hatchbacks, sedan, convertible never have been changed, cars were popular, and drivers did not have complaints about the old-fashioned style. But it’s time to correct the appearance, and most importantly, seriously altered the inner essence. Audi A3 2017-2018 are very similar to the predecessors, but with vivid traces of individuality and originality.

A close look at the five-door hatchback Audi A3 Sportback in an updated version from the front, will point to changes. False radiator grille got slightly stretched and became a more pronounced hexagon.

The main running lights charged in the most modest equipment with bi-xenon lamps, also found a new form. Optionally, incidentally, are available lights of Matrix LED model, promising and interesting.

Front bumper refreshed a bit, changing the design of the air intakes. Looking at the rare part will indicate that the bumper is also not the same as before, and marker lamps differ with updated graphics.

To sum up, the car looks not changed fundamentally, designers rather just corrected a few details.


The interior also remained almost the same, but there is something that has changed fundamentally. This is super modern digital panel, topped with a diagonal of 12.3 inch monitor.

Tested before on cars of a higher rank, system is able to provide data in two ways, the choice of which can be done by pressing the button on the steering wheel. The first of them – an imitation of the familiar analog system, the second – a kind of navigational chart, on which data can be selected by touch, because the display is not simple, but touchscreen.

The multimedia system is represented by the display with a usual tablet size, that is 7 inches. The autopilot is able in some cases to take control over and allow the driver to remove some tension. It is not alone, there is a system, recognizing pedestrians, and a system that applies the emergency brake, if necessary.

Advanced packages of the luxury car provide a choice of advanced optics, as well as adding a number of so many electronic devices. Producers from Ingolstadt have much to offer in addition, even considering the ideality and the reasonableness of finishes and high-class finishing materials.


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